The unit of latent heat is____________

Answer: The unit of  latent heat is joule.

The heat needed to transform a solid into a liquid or vapour phase, or a liquid into a vapour phase, is known as latent heat. It is known by various names depending on the different stages, such as the heat of condensation, the heat of vaporization, and so on. Latent heat is the amount of heat energy consumed or emitted during a phase change. The concept of latent heat was first introduced by a British chemist Joseph Black.

Examples of latent heat are,

  • The heat of freezing
  • The heat of vaporization

Formula of Latent Heat

The specific latent heat formula is given by,

L = Q/m

The latent heat for a given mass of a substance is calculated using the below equation.

Q = mL


Q = amount of heat

m = mass of the substance

L = Specific latent heat for a particular substance

The unit of  latent heat is joule.

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