Simple barometer was invented by

Evangelista Torricelli was the inventor of the barometer. A barometer is a device which is used for the measurement of air pressure. The first barometer was made in the year 1644 in Florence, Italy.

A barometer is one of the basic sensors that are included in weather stations. There are two types of barometers and they are:

  • Mercury barometer
  • Aneroid barometer

There are multiple units that are used for reporting barometric pressure and they are:

  • Inches of mercury
  • Millibars
  • Pascals
  • Atmospheres

Working of Barometer
A long glass tube which is sealed at one end is immersed in a bowl full of mercury such that the open end of the tube is dipped in the mercury. The placement of mercury in the barometer takes place in such a way that vacuum is created at the top. There will be a rise in the mercury level until the weight of the mercury in the tube is equal to the weight of the air above it. Once the mercury stops moving, the reading can be taken from the vertical column.

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