Some desert plants have very small leaves whereas some others have only spines. How does this benefit the plants?

Desert plants have a good adaptability to insensitive conditions, like water scarcity, that’s why they tend to conserve water. The small leaves and spiny plants help the plant in, preventing water loss due to transpiration.

Adaptations of plants in deserts

Deserts are too dry and hot to imagine life in them. Despite these arid conditions, few plants have adapted to thrive here.

  • Succulents are plants with modified stems and leaves that can hold water.
  • Cacti’s spines also aid in preventing excessive water loss.
  • Long, deep roots allow some plants to take water from the ground.
  • Other plants become shorter in order to conserve energy.
  • Dormancy is another type of adaptation; few seeds remain dormant until they receive the water they require to thrive.

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