State energy conversion that takes place during working of Microphone.

The Energy change that takes place in a Microphone is Sound energy to Electrical energy. A microphone converts sound into a small electrical current. Sound waves hit a diaphragm that vibrates, moving a magnet near a coil.


  • When we speak, sound waves created by our voice carry energy toward the microphone. The sound we can hear is energy carried by vibrations in the air.
  • Inside the microphone, the diaphragm present in it moves back and forth when the sound waves hit it.
  • The coil, which is attached to the diaphragm, moves back and forth as well.
  • The permanent magnet produces a magnetic field that cuts through the coil. As the coil moves back and forth through the magnetic field, an electric current passes through it.
  • The electric current passes out from the microphone to an amplifier or sound recording device.


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