State similarities and differences between laboratory thermometer and clinical thermometer

We all know about the temperature and the instrument to measure temperature is called thermometer. Let us dive in to know more about the two main types of thermometers.


  • Thermometer (thermos: hot; metron: measure) is the universal instrument used to measure temperature.
  • Clinical Thermometer is meant for clinical purposes. It is developed for measuring the human body temperature.
  • A laboratory thermometer, which is colloquially known as the lab thermometer, is used for measuring temperatures other than the human body temperature.

Similarities between Clinical Thermometer and  a laboratory thermometer

  • Both are made of glass and consist of long narrow glass tube.
  • At one end both of them have a bulb.
  • Bulbs of both the thermometers consist of mercury
  • Celsius scale is present in both the thermometer

Differences between Clinical Thermometer and  a laboratory thermometer

Clinical Thermometer Laboratory thermometer
Temperature range if 35 to 42 0 c Temperature range is -10 to 110 0 c
Used to measure human body temperature Used to measure temperature in the laboratory
It has kink which prevents immediate backflow of mercury It does not have a kink


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