State the forecast when barometric pressure does not change.


The barometric pressure, also known as atmospheric pressure, is the pressure that exists within the Earth’s atmosphere. The standard atmosphere is a unit of pressure equal to 1013.25 mbar or 101325 Pascals. The symbol ‘atm’ is commonly used to represent the standard atmosphere.It is important to note that the unit of atmospheric pressure can be considered as equivalent to the mean of the sea-level atmospheric pressure on the planet Earth. As a result, the Earth’s atmospheric pressure is roughly equal to 1 atm.

Forecast in the various situations

Forecast in the various situations is listed below

  • A rainstorm is likely when the air is hot and humid and the barometric pressure drops abruptly.
  • The arrival of a dust storm is signalled by hot, dry air and a sudden drop in barometric pressure.
  • The weather is expected to be good and clear if the barometric pressure does not change.
  • Dry weather with anticyclonic winds is predicted when barometric pressure increases sharply.


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