Synthesis of protein is controlled by:

Synthesis of protein is controlled by RNA where m-RNA gets attached to the ribosome particles present in the cytoplasm. The m-RNA then gives the message of the DNA for a specific protein synthesis to a template in the ribosome.


The rate of protein synthesis is controlled by the rate of transcription of specific genes, by the number and state of aggregation of ribosomes and by modulation of the rate of initiation of peptide synthesis.

  • The process by which the mRNA codes for a particular protein is known as the translation of protein synthesis. In the process, the ribosome translates the mRNA produced from DNA into a chain of specific amino acids.
  • This chain of amino acids leads to protein synthesis. It is a process where the expense of ATP is required and this energy is given by the charged tRNA. The whole machinery of translation is present in the ribosomes.

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