Take methane as an example and describe the reaction and ordering function of carbon compounds and write the chemical equation for these reaction can methane be added to condesation reaction. Specify

Methane is the simplest hydrocarbon with the chemical formula of CH4. It undergoes only a few chemical reactions. Oxidation of methane gives methanol, methanol, methanoic acid and

Oxidation of methane

CH4→CH3OH + CO2+ H2O

Methane undergoes partial oxidation to methanol releasing CO2 and H20

Substitution reaction

Methane undergoes substitution reaction.

One of the bond breaks a weak C−H covalent bond and grabs the liberated proton to form the electrically neutral HCl. The other radical reforms a covalent bond with the CH3to form CH3Cl

Condensation reaction

The CH3+ ion, formed in ionized methane, undergoes consecutive eliminative condensation reactions with methane to form the carbonium ions.

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