Tertiary butyl methyl ether on treatment with HI forms :(1) Isobutane and Methyl iodide.(2) Isobutanol and Methanol.(3) Tertiary butyl iodide and Methyl iodide.(4) Tertiary butyl iodide and Methanol.

Answer: (4)

CH3 – O – C – (CH3)3 + HI → CH3 – OH + (CH3)3– C-I

Tertiary butyl methyl ether + Hydrogen iodide → Methanol + Tertiary butyl iodide 

Where iodine is attached to the 30 C atom and -OH is attached to the -CH3 group. The reaction involves protonation of oxygen followed by unimolecular nucleophilic substitution reaction (SN1).

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