The below-given diagram represents the pyramid of energy in _________.

Pyramid of energy in an aquatic ecosystem

(A) Desert Ecosystem

(B) Forest Ecosystems

(C) Tundra Ecosystems

(D) An aquatic ecosystem

The Correct Answer is (D) An aquatic ecosystem.


The above give diagram represents the pyramid of energy in an aquatic ecosystem.

This is graphically represented to explain the productivity of the biomass at each trophic level in an ecosystem.

According to the ten per cent law, the available form of energy is transferred from one trophic level (producers) to another trophic level (consumers). During this energy transformation, only about ten per cent of the energy is transferred, and the remaining energy is split down in respiration or incomplete digestion by higher trophic levels and lost during energy transformation.

In the above-given diagram

  • 10,000 Kcal of energy is produced by producers – Phytoplankton. They are microscopic marine algae.
  • 1,000 Kcal of energy is transferred to primary consumers- Zooplankton is tiny, heterotrophic aquatic microorganisms.
  • 100 Kcal of energy is transferred to secondary consumers – Fish Small fish feed on large amounts of the zooplankton.
  • 10 Kcal of energy is transferred to tertiary consumers – Humans.

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