The boiling point of an azeotropic mixture of water and ethyl alcohol is less than that of the theoretical value of water and alcohol mixture. Hence the mixture shows:

An azeotropic mixture is one in which the vapour and fluid phases of the substances included in the combination have the same proportion. According to Raoult’s law, the partial pressure of an ideal solvent in a solution or mixture should be equal to the pure solvent’s vapour pressure multiplied by its mole fraction in the solution. When the vapour pressure of a mixture exceeds the expected or projected vapour pressure, a positive departure from Raoult’s law occurs, and when the vapour pressure is less than expected, a negative divergence occurs. Now we’ll look at what a lower boiling point means.We know that when a combination of two molecules has a lower boiling point, the interaction between those molecules is low. The lower boiling point of ethyl alcohol and water indicates that these molecules do not interact well.

  • If ethyl alcohol is A and water is B, then A-A and B-B interactions are superior than A-B interactions in their purest form.
  • A-B bonds will be weak since the A-B interaction is weak, and they will be far away.
  • As a result, the volume of the mixture will grow.
  • The boiling point is low because the A-B interaction is weak.
  • Because the A-B interaction is weaker, the vapour pressure will be higher than projected.
  • If the contact is weak, they are more likely to move to the vapour state.
  • A positive divergence from Raoult’s law may be noticed since the vapour pressure is higher than predicted.

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