The Brownian motion is due to:

The Brownian motion is due to the impact of molecules of the dispersion medium on the colloidal particles.

Brownian motion

It is the random movement of the low weight particles suspended in a fluid. It arises because of the unequal impacts of the particles of the dispersion medium on the colloidal particles.


Listed below are examples of brownian motion

  • The motion of pollen grain on still water
  • Movement of dust motes in a room (although largely affected by air currents)
  • Diffusion of pollutants in the air
  • Diffusion of calcium through bones

Factors affecting Brownian movement

  • The higher the temperature, the faster the diffusion will be because the stronger the molecule movement and thus the mixing
  • Increased number of particles, small particle size, and low viscosity increase the rate of motion affects the motion.

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