The electrolytic decomposition of water gives H2 and O2 in the ratio of a) 1: 2 by volume (b) 2: 1 by volume (c) 8: 1 by mass (d) 1: 2 by mass

Answer: (b) 2: 1 by volume 

The electrolysis of water is the dissociation of water (H2O) into hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen (O2). This hydrogen gas is used further for hydrogen fuel. when electric current passing in the water dissociation takes place. The oxidation and reduction reaction occurs due to the electrons formed by the current passing in water. The ratio will be 2:1. This reaction is using in industries for the preparation of aluminium, sodium, chlorine etc.

Cathode (reduction): 2 H2O( l ) + 2e→ H₂( g ) + 2 OH( aq )

Anode (oxidation): 2 OH( q )→ 1/2 O2( g ) + H2O( l ) + 2 e

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