The error in two readings of A are 0.01 and -0.03, then mean absolute error is ?

The magnitude of the difference between the mean value and each individual value is called absolute error. Absolute error in measurement refers to the actual amount of error in the measurement. The absolute error of the measurement shows how large the error actually is. Absolute error is inadequate due to the fact that it does not give any details regarding the importance or the graveness of the error.

Given that

The error in two readings of A are 0.01 and -0.03

We need to find

We need to find the absolute error


First, the absolute value of the errors is taken as

0.01- ( -0.03)= 0.04

To take the mean we will divide absolute error by 2

So mean absolute error = (0.04) / 2 = 0.02

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