The f-block elements are called as ______________


The f-block elements are called as Inner transition elements.

Inner transition elements

The f-block consists of elements in which the 4f and 5f orbitals are progressively filled. These elements are formal members of group 3, but they are represented separately in the periodic table as the f-block. The f-block elements are also called inner transition elements.

Lanthanoids and actinoids are the two series of inner transition elements that are 4f and 5f, respectively. The inner transition elements such as U, Th and Pa are providing good sources of nuclear energy.

Key features of Inner Transition Elements

  • The third last shell of the inner transition elements is filled with electrons.
  • Coloured ions are formed by the inner transition elements.
  • Actinides are radioactive by nature.
  • Variable valencies are shown in the inner transition elements.
  • The inner transition elements, from atomic number 92 to 103, are both synthetic and radioactive.


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