The first jute mill in India was started in ________.

The first jute mill was set up near Kolkata in 1855 at Rishra. After Partition in 1947, the jute mills remained in India but three-fourth of the jute producing area went to Bangladesh. The mill was set up on the riverbank of Hoogly in Kolkata. The jute spinning machinery was brought by George Acland from Dundee. After four years of set up that is 1859 the very first power-driven jute mill was set up.

What is Jute?

  • Jute is a natural fibre with a golden, soft, long, and silky shine.
  • Jute is commonly referred to as a Golden fibre due to its colour.
  • After cotton, jute is the most vital vegetable fibre in consumption, production, usage, and availability.
  • The golden fiber revolution was completely on Jute. This revolution brought many developments in the economy of the country.
  • Jute fibre is obtained only from the stem of the jute plants.

Rishra Jute Mills: First Indian Jute mill

  • Kolkata was the best place to set up a jute mill as the neighbouring places of Kolkata had the raw materials for the production of Jute.
  • There was an adequate supply of labour, ample coal for power, and the city was ideally situated for shipping to world markets.
  • Rishra was the first jute mill established in Kolkata in the year 1855.
  • By the end of the year 1869 five mills were established with 950 operating looms.
  • The trading of Jute is centred around the Indian Subcontinent.

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