The first newspaper in India was published in 1780 by an English gentleman called James Augustus Hickey. It was an English newspaper. What was the newspaper called?

January 29 1780 was a memory in the history. On this day India’s and Asia’s first printed newspaper ‘Hicky’s Bengal Gazette’ was started. It started its publication on this day. It was initiated by Irishman and was a weekly newspaper.

Highlights of the newspaper

  • Hicky’s Bengal Gazette was also referred to as the Original Calcutta General Advertiser.
  • It was started by James Augustus Hicky, a rather eccentric Irishman.
  • The newspaper was published in Calcutta, which was the centre of colonial India during that time.
  • Hicky played the role as the paper’s writer, editor and publisher.
  • The paper was mainly in the format of a tabloid
  • Hicky used it to make fun at various East India Company officials with whom he had personal differences.

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