The formula of inorganic benzene is________

The formula of inorganic benzene is (BH)3(NH)3

Formula of Inorganic Benzene

Inorganic benzene is also known as borazine which is an inorganic and a cyclic compound. There are three BH units and three NH units alternate. The chemical formula of inorganic benzene is:


Inorganic Benzene Structure

Inorganic benzene

Why is borazine called ‘inorganic benzene’?

Borazine is called ‘inorganic benzene’ because the compound is isoelectronic and isostructural with benzene. The other similarities are it is a colourless liquid with aromatic smell. Borazine is said to be aromatic because the number of pi electrons obeys 4n+2 rule and the B-N bond lengths are all equal.

Preparation of Inorganic Benzene

There are three different ways to prepare inorganic benzene and they are:

  • Stock and Pohlands method:

\(\begin{array}{l}3B_{2}H_{6}+6NH_{3}\rightarrow 3[B_{2}H_{6}.NH_{3}]\rightarrow 2B_{3}N_{3}H_{6}+12H_{2}\end{array} \)

The yield obtained by this method is low because there is a simultaneous formation of solid polymeric by-products.

  • Heating BCl3 with NH4Cl:

\(\begin{array}{l}3NH_{4}Cl+3BCl_{3}\rightarrow[C_{6}H_{5}cl,Fe]{140^{\circ} C}Cl_{3}B_{3}N_{3}H_{3}+9HCl\end{array} \)

\(\begin{array}{l}3Cl_{3}B_{3}N_{3}H_{3}+6LiBH_{4}\overset{[H]}{\rightarrow}2B_{3}N_{3}H_{6}+6LiCl+3B_{2}H_{6}\end{array} \)

  • By heating mixture of LiBH4 and NH4Cl:

\(\begin{array}{l}3NH_{4}Cl+3LiBH_{4}\overset{230^{\circ}C}{\rightarrow}B_{3}N_{3}H_{6}+3LiCl+9H_{2}\end{array} \)

This method gives up to 30% Borazine.

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