The most abundant noble gas in atmosphere is ____

The most abundant noble gas in atmosphere is Argon.

Discovery of Argon

Argon is the first noble gas to be discovered. It was identified by the English physicist Lord Rayleigh and Scottish chemist William Ramsay in 1894. Argon is from the Greek word “Argos” which means “lazy” or “inactive”. It belongs to noble gas and makes up about 0.93% of Earth’s atmosphere. It is the third most abundant gas in the atmosphere.


Listed below are few features of Argon

  • Argon found in nature makes up to 0.947% of dry air.
  • The concentration of argon above the sea level is slightly more.
  • The solubility of argon in water is more than nitrogen which makes it available in sea and river water.
  • It is found in the free state in plants and blood cells of animals.

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