“The Northern plains have diverse relief features''. Explain.


It is generally believed that Northern plains do not have any variations in its relief features. This is not true. Northern plains can be divided into 4 regions based on their relief features. They are listed below:

  • Bhabar
  • Terai
  • Bhangar
  • Khadar


  • It is suitable for intensive agriculture.
  • They are very fertile as they are renewed every year.
  • Khadar is the younger deposits of the flood plains.


  • It presents a terrace-like feature.
  • It lies above the floodplains of the rivers.
  • It is the largest part of the Northern plains.
  • It is formed of older alluvium.


  • This is a marshy, swampy, and wet region.
  • This is the region where rivers and streams re-emerge.
  • It is located to the South of the Bhabar belt.


  • A narrow belt of 8 km to 16 km in width which lies parallel to the slopes of Shiwaliks is known as the Bhabar.
  • The rivers flowing down from the mountains deposit pebbles in this narrow belt.
  • All the streams start disappearing in the Bhabar belt.

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