The Number Of Moles Of Kmno4 That Will Be Needed To React Completely With One Mole Of Ferrous Oxalate Inn Acidic Medium Is (A) 2/5 (B) 3/5 (C) 4/5 (D) 1

The balanced reaction is

[latex] 3KMnO_{4} + 5FeC_{2}O_{4} + 24H^{+} \rightarrow 5Fe^{3+} + 10CO_{2} + 3Mn^{2+} + 3K^{+} + 12H_{2}O [/latex]

As per the above balanced reaction, three moles of[latex] KMnO_{4} [/latex] is required to react with 5 moles of [latex] 5FeC_{2}O_{4} [/latex]

The number of moles of [latex] KMnO_{4} [/latex] required to react with one mole of 5 [latex] FeC_{2}O_{4} [/latex] is 3/2 moles

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