The Periyar sanctuary is located in_________


The Periyar sanctuary is located at Idukki, Kerala.

What is a Sanctuary?

Sanctuaries are naturally occurring areas where endangered species are protected from hunting, poaching, and predation. The animals are not bred for benefit in this environment. It offers all wild animals a natural, stable, and protected refuge.

List of Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

The following is a list of Indian sanctuaries:

  1. Dichigam Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Manas Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
  6. Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary
  7. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary
  8. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
  9. Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary
  10. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary


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