The soils which are carried and deposited by river and wind are called

Answer: Transported soil

As a result of the weathering process, soil is formed. The soil is a combination of humus and particles of rock. It is one of the natural resources that contains all the nutrients needed during photosynthesis for plants. In agriculture, it is the natural habitat of many living organisms and is essential.

Types of soil

There are different types of soil and are categorized mainly based on the size of the particles and the percentage of particles present in it.

The three primary types of soil based on its texture are

  • Sand soil
  • Loamy soil
  • Clay soil

Soil based on the percentage of particles, resulting in more compound types of soil

  • Loamy sand
  • Sandy clay
  • Silty clay, etc.

Soils are also classified based on their colour, which are

  • Red soil
  • Black soil
  • Brown Soil

Transported soils are those substances that have been transferred via gravity, glaciers, wind, water or by humans from their region of origin, whether alone or in combination.

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