The solubility of alkali metal hydroxide is: A)LiOH

Answer: (a)


Alkali hydroxides are chemical compounds that contain an alkali metal cation as well as a hydroxide anion. Alkali hydroxides include the following: Electrolytes include lithium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, rubidium hydroxide, and cesium hydroxide. Solubility trends for alkali earth metals

  • In alkaline earth metal hydroxides, where the anion is abundant, the cationic radius will impact the lattice enthalpy. The lattice enthalpy decreases far more than the hydration enthalpy as ionic size decreases, and solubility rises along the group.
  • The lattice enthalpy will be almost constant across a group since anions are significantly bigger than cations. As the hydration enthalpy decreases in the group, solubility decreases, as shown in alkaline earth metal carbonates and sulphates.

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