The Southernmost Himalayas are known as

The Southernmost Himalayas are known as Shiwaliks. Northern Plains are in India are the most recent landforms. These plains comprise enormous features. The northern plain is the largest plain covering many rivers that are running from the Himalayan mountains. Let us know more about these plains.

Himalayan mountains

They are divided into three main parallel ranges.

  • The northernmost is the Great Himalaya or Himadri. The world’s highest peaks are located in this range.
  • Middle Himalaya or Himachal is located to the south of Himadri.
  • The Shiwalik is the southernmost range.

Features of Shiwalik

  •  The outermost range of the Himalayas is called the Outer Himalayas or Shiwaliks.
  • They extend over a width of 10-15 km.
  •  Their altitude varies between 900-1100 metres.
  • They are discontinuous ranges and are composed of unconsolidated sediments, gravel and alluvium brought down by the rivers from the main Himalayan ranges located farther north.
  • Longitudinal valleys known as Duns lie between the lesser Himalayas and Shiwaliks, e.g., Dehradun, Kotli Dun, Patli Dun.

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