To which division does red, brown, and green algae belong to?


The word ‘alga’ refers to a large and highly diverse group of photosynthetic eukaryotic lifeforms. These species are not related because they do not share a common ancestor.

Characteristics of Algae

Algae have specific general characteristics that are held by both plants and animals.
Some general characteristics of algae are mentioned below.

  • All algae are Thallophytes, since they lack a well differentiated plant body.
  • Algae are photosynthetic organisms
  • Algae can be either unicellular or multicellular organisms
  • Algae lack a well-defined body, so, structures like roots, stems or leaves are absent
  • Algae grow where there is enough sunshine.
  • Asexual and sexual reproduction are both possible in algae. Spore formation is used for asexual reproduction.
  • Algae are self-contained organisms, though some may form symbiotic relationships with other living things.

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