Tunica corpus theory is connected with (1) root apex (2) root cap (3) shoot apex (4) secondary growth

Answer: (3)

The theory of tunica corpus, given by Schmidt (1927), is connected to the apical meristem of the shoot apex or stem. Similar to it, tunica is the fire apex outer zone while corpus is the inner zone. Tunica forms a protoform which gives rise to stern and leaves the epidermis. Corpus is the inner mass that is divided to form procambium and terrestrial meristem.

Tunica-Corpus Theory

This theory was given by Schmidt to describe the organization in a shoot apex. According to this theory, the apical region of the shoot consists of two zones:

  • Tunica – It is the outer enveloping layer, made up of small cells that give rise to the epidermis and outer cortex.
  • Corpus – It is the mass of cells forming the inner core. It produces the inner cortex, procambium and pith.

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