Two positively charged particles, each of mass 1.7 x 10−27 kg and carrying a charge of 1.6 x10−19 C are placed at a distance d apart. If each experiences a repulsive force equal to its weight, find the value of d.


m = [latex]1.7 * 10^{-27}[/latex] kg

q = [latex]1.6 * 10^{-19}[/latex] C

[latex]F_{electrostatic} = F_{gravity}[/latex]

As we know: [latex]\frac{kq^{2}}{d^{2}} [/latex]= mg

[latex]\Rightarrow \frac{9 * 10^{9}(1.6 * 10^{-19})^{2}}{d^{2}}[/latex] [latex]\Rightarrow 1.7 * 10^{-27} * 10[/latex] [latex]\Rightarrow [/latex]d = 0.11 m = 11 cm.

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