Use of eddy currents is done in the following except (a) moving coil galvanometer (b) electric brakes (c) induction motor (d) dynamo

Answer: (d) dynamo

Use of eddy current is done except in dynamo.

Eddy current

Eddy currents are currents that circulate in conductors like swirling eddies in a stream. They are induced by changing magnetic fields and flow in closed loops, perpendicular to the plane of the magnetic field.

They arise when a conductor moves through a magnetic field, or when the magnetic field surrounding a stationary conductor is varying. To summarise, we can say that anything which results in the conductor experiencing a change in the intensity or direction of a magnetic field produces eddy currents.

  • An Eddy current can be produced by both electromagnets and permanent magnets, as well as transformers.
  • Eddy currents are electric fields that are generated by a magnetic field, but the strength of an eddy current field is proportional to the strength of the magnetic field.

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