Variation in organisms is due to_________


Variation in organisms is due to change in the structure of DNA. When gametes of two parents fuse together it results in variations. Variation is due to change in the structure of DNA.

What are mutations?

Each organism’s DNA sequence is unique. Its base-pairs sequence can vary from time to time. It’s called a mutation. Changes in proteins translated by the DNA can result from a mutation. Normally, cells are able to detect and restore any damage caused by mutation until it becomes permanent.

The mutations are of three types:

Silent mutation

It refers to any change in the sequence of DNA, which has no further impact on the amino acid sequence in a protein or in the functions performed by a protein. There is no phenotypic indicator of mutation.

Nonsense mutation

When due to a point mutation there is change in the sequence of base pair leading to stop codon. It results in a shortened or non-functional protein.

Missense mutation

A missense mutation is a result of point mutation leading to change in the codon, which then codes for another amino acid.

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