Various patterns formed by different groups of stars is known as?

They could be termed as constellations or asterism.

  • In observational astronomy, an asterism is a popularly-known pattern or group of stars that can be seen in the night sky, but they do not form constellations on their own. Asterisms do not have officially determined boundaries and are therefore a more general concept which may refer to any identified pattern of stars.
  • Constellations are patterns of stars visible to the unaided eye, or regions of space seen from Earth that are bounded by borders designated by the International Astronomical Union.

We see an enormous number of stars at night when there is a clear sky. Stars bring a ray of shine in the sky. The sky looks beautiful with the stars. Stars are the vital part of the night sky without them the sky looks dull.


Stars are celestial objects that can produce their own light. They are extremely hot and extremely large in size. They are mostly made up of hydrogen gas with a little helium in them. The sun is also a star; the sun’s energy and light play one of the key roles in sustaining all forms of life on earth.


Patterns formed by different groups of stars are called constellation. A certain group of stars form an image like structure from the group. Some common constellations are big dipper, Orion, Ursa Major, Ursa minor, etc.

  • Orion: Orion seems to be like a hunter. The three bright stars appear in the belt, while five bright stars are arranged in the form of a quadrilateral.
  • Ursa Major:  Ursa Major seems to be like a big dipper. There are four stars in the bowl of the dipper and three bright stars in the handle.

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