What are dominant and recessive traits?

When a trait has two different forms at the gene level we observe two kinds of traits which are given below:

  • Dominant trait
  • Recessive trait

Dominant trait

  • The trait that first appears or is visibly displayed in the organism is called the dominant trait.
  • Dominant traits are always expressed when the connected allele is dominant, even if only one copy of the dominant trait exists.
  • Example: In human beings, we observe V-shaped hairline, Almond-shaped eyes, Right handedness, Detached earlobes etc.

Recessive trait

  • The trait that exists at the gene level but is masked and does not show itself in the organism is called the recessive trait.
  • Recessive traits are expressed only if both the connected alleles are recessive. If one of the alleles is dominant, then the associated character is less likely to manifest.
  • Example: In human beings, we observe Straight hairline, Round eyes, Left-handedness, Attached earlobes etc.

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