What are earthworms and red worms?


An earthworm is a segmented worm; a terrestrial invertebrate belonging to the phylum Annelida. They are the common inhabitants of moist soil and feed on organic matter.


a) These worms are segmented worms and belong to the class Oligochaets.
b) Earthworms live and feed on the soil.
c) These are reddish-brown in colour and can grow up to 1/4 to 6 inches.
d) They need moist soil and grow well in open gardens.

Red worms:

Red worms are nature’s ultimate composting worm and a great pick for worm farms.They are often called red wigglers.


a) These worms are red wiggler and belong to the species of earthworms.
b) These worms are reddish-purple in colour and can grow up to 2 to 3 inches.
c) They are used for composting food scraps and other organic materials.
d) They can easily adapt to change in environments.

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