What are five examples of non-reducing sugars?

Non-reducing sugars do not have free ketone or aldehyde group. These sugars have acetal in place of hemiacetal. An acetal consists of two O-R group, one -R and -H group respectively. All these groups are attached to the same carbon.

Examples of Non-Reducing Sugar

Following are the examples of non-reducing sugar:

  • Sucrose
  • Trehalose
  • Raffinose
  • Stachyose
  • Verbascose

Sucrose is the most commonly known non-reducing sugar and the chemical structure of sucrose does not allow the formation of hemiacetal.


Non-Reducing Sugar Test

Benedict’s test is used for identifying if the given sugar is reducing or non-reducing in nature. When Benedict’s solution is added to the given sugar, if there is no change in the colour, then it is non-reducing sugar. If there is a change in the colour of the sugar, it is reducing sugar.

Benedicts test

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