What are plumules? What is its function?

Plumules are generally the part of a seed embryo. It is a bud-like or a small portion of the plant embryo giving rise to the first true leaves, especially above the cotyledons and is grown into a plant giving rise to several leaves, branches, flowers, and seeds.

Plumules- Definition

Plumule is the part of the seed embryo, which develops into the shoot after the germination of seeds. It is a shoot tip, with a small bud-like or a small portion of the plant embryo. It is also called a baby plant or a new plant arising from the seed embryo. Plumules give rise to a new plant.

Function of plumules

  • Plumule is the part of the embryo, which helps in the development of the shoot system, comprising of stem, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds.
  • Plumule produces food for the growing embryonic plant through the biological process of photosynthesis.


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