What are striated muscles?

Striated muscle is a muscle that features repeating functional units called sarcomeres.


Muscular tissue consists of elongated cells, also called muscle fibres. This tissue is responsible for movement in our body. The main function of muscular tissues is to provide movement to the body. In addition, muscles contain special proteins called contractile proteins, which contract and relax to cause movement.

Striated muscles or skeletal muscles or voluntary muscles:

These muscles are also called skeletal muscles as they are mostly attached to bones and help in body movement. Cells are cylindrical, unbranched and multinucleate.

  • Skeletal muscles are cylindrically shaped with branched cells attached to the bones by an elastic tissue or collagen fibres called tendons, composed of connective tissues.
  • The end of each skeletal muscle has a tendon, which connects the muscle to bone and connects directly to the collagenous, the outer covering of skeletal muscle.

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