What are structural isomers? Give me an example

Structural isomers are isomers that have the same component atoms but they are arranged differently from each other. Structural isomerism is also known as constitutional isomerism.

Types of Structural Isomers

  • Skeletal isomerism (chain isomerism) – structural isomers in which components of the skeleton are arranged in a different order.
  • Position isomerism (regioisomerism) – constitutional isomers in which a functional group or substituent changes position on a parent structure.
  • Functional group isomerism – structural isomers with the same molecular formula, but with atoms connected differently


  1. Cyclohexane and hex-1-ene are examples of functional group structural isomers.
  2. Butane and isobutane (C 4 H 10 ) are structural isomers of each other.

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