What Are The Achievements Of Galileo?

Galileo Galilei is known as the “father of modern science”. He was an Italian astronomer and scientist who launched the scientifical revolution. Following are some of his major achievements which makes him the father of modern science:

  • The hydrostatic balance was discovered by Galileo: Based on the Archimedes principle, Galileo came up with an idea of hydrostatic balance in which he wrapped the counterweight with metal wire. The amount of water moved by the material in the water at the counterweight was calculated by counting the number of turns of the wire. This method was used for calculating the proportions of metals such as gold to silver.
  • The invention of the thermoscope led to the modern thermometer: A thermoscope was invented by Galileo to measure the temperature by studying the rise and fall of the liquid in the thermoscope. It consisted of a vase filled with water which was attached to a thin vertical pipe with an empty glass ball at the top. The rise and fall of the water in this thin vertical pipe was dependent on the temperature change.
  • The invention of the Galileo telescope: Galileo invented his version of the telescope when he learned about the first refracting telescope in the Netherlands. The telescope constructed by Galileo magnified objects 30 times and helped in studying the sky. This invention made him famous as the “father of observational astronomy”.
  • Discovery of phases of venus: Galileo was the first person to study that like the moon, venus too had different phases. This was possible as the plant was orbiting around the Sun just the way earth did.

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