What are the advantages of forests?

Forests are our aid. We all depend upon forests directly or indirectly for survival. Forests provide us with a wide variety of necessities. Forests prevent some of the natural calamities.

What is a forest?

Forest is a dense land or a complex ecosystem consisting of rich biodiversity and supports a variety of life forms. The trees control the environment of the surroundings which influences the plants and animals living in the forest.

Advantages of forest

Forest provides us with numerous amount of things and protects us from many disasters.  Listed below are the advantages of forest.

  • They help maintain oxygen levels in the atmosphere, facilitating the breathing of humans and other animals.
  • Forests help regulate the climate.
  • They help the ground absorb during floods, reducing soil loss and property damage by slowing the flow.
  • Forests are of vital economic importance to humans. For example, the plantation of forests provides humans with wood and timber, which can be exported and used in a wide range of applications.
  • Forests serve as a habitat for millions of animals.
  • Forests help in the regulation of ecosystems.
  • Forests help reduce certain types of pollution such as noise pollution.
  • Forests provide many important natural medicines.
  • Forests help to control the Earth’s temperature and combat global warming.
  • The natural beauty associated with forests is valuable.
  • Forests are responsible for several jobs.

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