What are the Applications of Valence Bond Theory?

Applications of Valence Bond Theory:

  • Formation of Hydrogen Molecule:

Each hydrogen atom has single electron in is orbital. Is orbital of a hydrogen atom overlaps axially with is orbital of another hydrogen atom to form a σ S – S bond

  • Formation Of Chlorine Molecules:

3pz orbital of each chloride atom overlaps axially with 3pz orbital of another chloride atom to form σ Pz – Pz bond

  • Formation Of HCl Molecule:

S orbital of hydrogen atom overlaps axially with 3Pz orbital of chloride to form σ S P bond.

  • Formation Of Nitrogen Molecule:

2Pz orbital of a nitrogen atom overlaps axially with 2Pz orbital of another nitrogen atom to σ Px – Px bond remaining 2Py and 2Pz orbitals contains unpaired electrons overlaps laterally above and the below place to form triple bond

  • Formation Of Oxygen Molecule:

2Py orbital of oxygen atom overlaps axially with 2Py orbital of another oxygen atom to form 8 2Py – 2Py bond while 2Pz orbitals overlap laterally to form a π bond. Thus oxygen molecule has a double bond.

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