What are the different approaches to measuring human development?


There are 4 different approaches to measure human development. These 4 approaches are given below:

  • Capabilities approach
  • Minimum needs approach
  • Welfare approach
  • Income approach

Capability Approach 

  • This approach was given by Indian economist, Dr Amartya Sen.
  • As per capability approach, the key to increasing human development is access to resources, building human capabilities in the areas of education, and health.

Basic Needs Approach or Minimum Needs Approach

  • The International Labour Organisation (ILO) proposed this basic needs approach.
  • As per this approach, six basic needs of the human needs were identified: which are housing, sanitation, water supply, food, education, and health.

Welfare Approach

  • This approach focuses on higher Government expenditure on health, education, and other social amenities.

Income Approach

  • This approach states that, if the income level is higher, then it leads to higher human development.
  • In this approach, level of income is linked to human development.

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