Different Types of Ammeter

Types of ammeter depend on the construction and on the measurement of current, following are the classification:

Based on construction:

  • Permanent moving coil ammeter: This ammeter is used for measuring direct current. Here the ammeter is placed between the pole of a permanent magnet. The deflection of the coil is dependent on the magnitude at which current flows.
  • Moving iron ammeter: This is used for measuring both the currents alternating as well as direct current. The deflection of the coil is proportional to the current that passes through the coil.
  • Electro-dynamometer ammeter: This instrument is again used for measuring both the currents. The accuracy of this instrument is high when compared to the other two instruments.
  • Rectifier type ammeter: It is used for measuring alternating current and finds application in communication circuits.

Based on the measurement of current:

  • AC ammeter
  • DC ammeter

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