What Are The Different Types Of Amplitude Modulation ?

Following are the types of amplitude modulation:

  • Double sideband-suppressed carrier modulation: The transmitted waves consist of upper and lower sidebands but the bandwidth of the channel remains the same. 
  • Single sideband modulation: The modulated wave will consist either upper sideband or the lower sideband and is used for translating the spectrum into a new frequency domain.
  • Vestigial sideband modulation: Only one sideband is used and is passed, retaining the other sideband. 
  • Double sideband full carrier modulation: The message single obtained from the modulated signal must be below zero. The message signal is stored in the modulated signal.
  • Quadrature amplitude modulation: Two different message signals are transmitted on the same frequency carrier but the phase shift will be different.

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