Different Types of Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic waves have both magnetic as well as an electric field. They are classified based on their frequency. Following are the different types of electromagnetic waves:

  • Radio waves: These are the longest wavelength electromagnetic waves which are used for transmitting data from radio, satellites, and radar.
  • Microwaves: These waves are measured in centimetres and are used for transmitting information and for cooking food.
  • Infrared: These waves are also known as near and far-infrared. The human body is an example of a body that gives off infrared waves.
  • Visible light: The wavelength range of visible light is between 390 to 700 nm.
  • UV waves: Ultraviolet waves are obtained from the Sun.
  • X-rays: These waves are used for medical purposes to take pictures of bones.
  • Gamma rays: These rays are the shortest waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

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