What are the different types of sand dunes?

Sand dunes develop into all shapes and sizes. Mounds of loose sand grains that are piled up by wind movement are referred to as sand dunes. Sand dunes stop moving when they become overgrown with vegetation. It has identified five types of sand dunes:

  • The crescentic dune, also called the barchand dune, is the most common type of sand dune. Crescentic dunes form when winds blow from one direction. This dune traverses desert surfaces faster than any other type of dune.
  • The linear dune is straighter than the crescentic dune that are longer than they are wide. These dunes usually occur in parallel sets separated by other sand, gravel or rocky corridors.
  • The star dune has arms that radiate out from a center pyramid-shaped mound. They’re among the tallest sand dunes on Earth
  • The dome dune is rare, oval- or circular-shaped and has no slip face.
  • The parabolic dune is U-shaped, but differs from the crescentic dune because its crests point upward, with elongated arms that follow behind.

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