Types of Voltmeter

The types of voltmeters are based on the construction principle and types of measurements.


Based on the construction principle:

  • Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Voltmeter: It is also known as the D’Arsonval meter and is used for measuring the current flowing through the coil by determining the angular deflection in the uniform magnetic field.
  • Moving Iron Voltmeter: There are two types of moving iron voltmeter, and they are attraction type and repulsion type.
  • Electro Dynamometer Type Voltmeter: When a current-carrying conductor is placed inside a magnetic field, the conductor experiences a mechanical force which is the cause of deflection in the conductor.
  • Rectifier Type Voltmeter: This is used for measuring the alternating voltage and current.
  • Induction Type Voltmeter: These voltmeters are the most commonly used voltmeter as their construction is easy.
  • Electrostatic Type Voltmeter: The deflecting torque takes place with the help of a static electrical field. These voltmeters are used for the measurement of high voltage.
  • Digital Voltmeter: Digital voltmeter is used in place of analogue voltmeter because digital voltmeter displays AC and DC voltage value and is used as discrete numerical instead of pointer deflection.

Based on the type of measurement:

  • DC Voltmeter
  • AC Voltmeter

Difference between DC and AC voltmeter

  • The DC voltmeter measures the DC voltage, but the AC voltmeter measures the AC voltage.
  • The DC voltmeter measures the peak value of DC voltage, but the AC voltmeter measures the RMS value of the AC voltage.
  • DC voltmeter does not use a rectifier before a multistage amplifier, whereas the  AC voltmeter measures the RMS value of the AC voltage.

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