What are the disadvantages of fossil fuels?

We know that the entire earth runs on some of the other kinds of fuels. It can be fossil fuels, oil, gas, petrol, diesel, coal, etc. Every movement and mechanism of the object is dependent on fuel.

What are fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels are buried flammable geologic deposits of organic substances such as dead plants and animals deposited under several thousand feet of silt. These deposits decayed with time and converted to natural gas, coal, and petroleum due to the extreme heat and pressure inside the earth’s crust. They are also known as non-renewable sources of energy as it takes a very long time for them to replenish.

Disadvantages of fossil fuels

The disadvantages of fossil fuels are:

  1. The burning of coal and petroleum produces a lot of pollutants, causing air pollution.
  2. Fossil fuels release oxides of carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, etc., that cause acid rain, affecting soil fertility and potable water.
  3. The burning of fossil fuels produce gases such as carbon dioxide that causes global warming.

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