What Are the Divisions of Kingdom Plantae?

Kingdom Plantae is divided into five main divisions:

    • Thallophyta: This division includes primitive forms of plants such as algae, fungi, lichens.
  • Bryophyta: The Bryophytes are further divided into liverworts, mosses and hornworts. They are found in moist places. However, they can survive in drier environment also.
  • Pteridophyta: These are also known as cryptogams since they neither produce flowers nor seeds. These plants reproduce using spores. For eg., ferns, lycophytes.
  • Gymnosperms: These are the plants that produce unenclosed seeds and include conifers, cycads and ginko. These plants do not produce flowers or fruits.
  • Angiosperms: These are also known as flowering plants and have seeds enclosed within an ovary. 

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