What are the features of a dicot angiosperm?

Taproot system, leaves with reticulate venation, seeds with two cotyledons and enclosed in fruit are characteristic features of dicotyledons plants.


Angiosperms are vascular plants with stems, roots, and leaves. The seeds of the angiosperm are found in a flower. Angiosperms are the most advanced and beneficial group of plants.

Characteristics of angiosperms

The flowers are the reproductive organs for the plant, providing them with a means of exchanging genetic information.

  • The sporophyte is differentiated into stems, roots, and leaves.
  • Each microsporophyll has four microsporangia.
  • Angiosperms are heterosporous, i.e., produce two kinds of spores, microspore (pollen grains) and megaspores.
  • Angiosperms can survive in a variety of habitats, including marine habitats.
  • The carpels enclose developing seeds that may turn into a fruit.

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