What are the functions performed by the testis in human beings?

Testis or testicles are sperm-producing organs occurring in pairs in humans. It helps in maintaining the health of the male reproductive system.

Find below the functions carried out by the testes in human beings

  • Testes produce sperms. Sperms contain a haploid set of chromosomes of the father
  • Testes produce a hormone known as testosterone. This hormone is crucial in causing the secondary sexual characters in boys to develop and become apparent. Testosterone is responsible for the growth of male genitals and sperm production
  • The testes lie outside the body and are maintained at a temperature about two degrees Centigrade lower than the body’s core temperature. This is because sperm production and quality are optimal at this lower temperature.
  • Chemotherapy and other drugs and disorders of the pituitary gland that stop signals from the hormone (endocrine) system trigger the production of testosterone from the testes.

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